Dear Learn it online Users;
Learn it online team is having the pleasure to announce lunching Live Online Web Class service

Live course

System Requirements
The minimum requirements are:

All Participants:
1) Browser with Flash installed: Firefox 3 or later (recommended), Safari 4 or later, Chrome, IE 7 or later
2) Flash: version 10 or later
3) Internet Connection: Broadband, 1 MB upload and download speed recommended.
4) RAM: 1 GB or higher

Teachers (required):
Webcam: Please use only good and up-to-date webcam, micro and headset. This is very important to achieve good video and audio quality.

Students (optional):
1) Microphone & headset: Needed if student wants to speak during class.
2) Webcam: Needed if student wants to be seen in class.
Last modified: Sunday, 6 February 2011, 10:16 PM
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